Stirling and Distillery Tour

Start: 9:00 am

Available in: English, Italian, Spanish

Duration: 8.5 hours


Embark on a unique tour of some of Scotland’s most historic sites and experience the magic of Linlithgow Palace, Stirling Castle and a local whisky distillery.

You will start your journey at Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, where you will be taken on a guided tour of the 15th century fortified palace. After the Palace visit, you will journey to Stirling Castle where you will wander through the castle’s grand interiors, explore the battlement grounds, and learn about its rich history. After a day of sightseeing, finish your tour with a visit to a local whisky distillery. Here, you will learn about the whisky-making process and sample some of the finest whiskies that Scotland has to offer. With its mix of majestic architecture, fascinating history and delicious whisky, this tour is sure to be a day out to be remembered!


End: 5:30 pm

1-day tour


Starting from Edinburgh, we drive through the Scottish countryside heading towards our first stop - Linlithgow Palace, a magnificent 15th-century royal residence and stronghold. Linlithgow was the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and offers visitors a variety of attractions, including the Great Hall, the Royal Chapel, the Great Kitchen and various other chambers. Visitors will also be able to explore the palace grounds and gardens, which feature an abundance of trees, flowers and wildlife.

Our next stop is Stirling Castle, located atop an extinct volcano, this is one of Scotland's most iconic castles. Perhaps, it has been the most important military stronghold in the history of Scotland. This royal fortress has a rich and varied history and has seen many battles. Most of what you see today was built from the XVI century onwards, beginning from when King James V introduced Scotland to the renaissance and made Stirling a Royal residence. Today, visitors can explore the castle’s many attractions, including the Great Hall, the Palace, the Chapel Royal, the Great Kitchen and the Great Gallery.

After enjoying some free time for lunch in the charming town of Stirling, we will head to Doune, where you will have the chance to visit Deanston Distillery. Located in the heart of Scotland, at the very edges of the Highlands, Deanston is a unique and fascinating place to visit. A former cotton mill from the first stage of the industrial revolution, today the distillery produces some of the best whisky in Scotland and offers visitors a variety of experiences, from whisky tasting to shopping for whisky gifts. Visitors can also take an informative tour of the distillery and learn about the whisky-making process.

Before heading back, there will still be time to visit a couple more Scottish landmarks. First, we will visit the David Stirling Memorial, where you will learn the history of some of the greatest WWII heroes of Britain, the Commandos. Afterwards, you will have the chance to walk alongside the Forth & Clyde Canal and take some pictures of the monumental Kelpies.

This tour offers a unique and exciting opportunity to explore three of Scotland’s most famous landmarks in the space of a few hours, hassle-free and in a sustainable way. From the grandeur of Linlithgow Palace and Stirling Castle to the fascinating whisky-making process of Deanston Distillery, this tour is sure to leave you with a memorable experience.


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