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Duration: 6 hours



South Queensferry Tour with Cruise

If you’re looking for a unique day out that will take you to some of the most beautiful sights outside of Edinburgh, then a magical day out on an e-bike to South Queensferry is the perfect option.

Price: £60


The e-bike ride is an easy, comfortable, and eco-friendly way to travel, and the views of the countryside on the way are simply stunning. You’ll be able to take in the rolling hills, the tranquil beaches, and the picturesque villages, all while travelling in a sustainable way.

Once in South Queensferry, you can take a leisurely cruise around the Forth. This is a great opportunity to photograph seals and take in the unique views of the Forth Rail Bridge, a UNESCO heritage site. This iconic structure is an incredible feat of engineering and a sight to behold.

After the cruise, you can explore the local area. South Queensferry is a charming town with several interesting shops, cafes and attractions. There’s plenty to keep you busy here, from taking a stroll along the shoreline, or having a bite in places like the Hawes Inn, a favourite of Robert Louis Stevenson.


brown concrete building near body of water during daytime