e-bike hire

The experience of riding an e-bike is transformational — it provides the ability for everyday cyclists to perform at a level way beyond their natural capability.

Once experienced it is never forgotten. Adoption will be driven by a customer base that isn't aware right now that they are the future consumer. By providing the capability and encouragement to try e-bikes, will generate the awareness that will create the desire that will drive rental revenues and bike purchase opportunities.

Friday 9am - Sunday 1pm

Daily hire availability

Weekend hire availability

Friday 9am – Saturday 7pm

Full day hire 9am-6pm (8 hours)

Half day hire 9am-1pm (4 hours)

Half day hire 1pm – 6pm (4 hours)

our e-bikes

An electric mountain bike with upgraded hydraulic shock absorbers, a 270Wh battery with a range of 30 miles/45km on a single charge, 27.5” CST tires, 21 speed shimano gear system and it also provides 5 levels of pedal assist which can reach a top speed of 25km/hr.

eleglide M1 mountain e-bike

gazelle paris C7 + hmb e-bike

An e-bike with telescopic aluminium front suspension, a 300Wh battery with a range of 50 miles/75km on a single charge, 28” continental CityRide tires, 7-speed Shimano Nexus gear system and it also provides 4 levels of pedal assist which can reach a top speed of 25km/hr.

full-day hire £30

Friday 9am – Saturday 7pm £50

Friday 9am – Sunday 1pm £60

Weekend hire rates:

Daily hire rates:

Weekend hire rates:

Daily hire rates:

Friday 9am – Saturday 7pm £60

Friday 9am – Sunday 1pm £70

full-day hire £35

half-day hire £20

half-day hire £15

A £200 deposit block on a valid credit card is required for the Eleglide (per bike), whereas the Gazelle requires a £300 deposit (per bike). The deposit will be returned to the customer once the bike has been returned to our store (16 Constitution Street, EH6 7BT) without any damage.

A valid passport or UK driving licence must be provided prior to the hire if you are a UK resident, a proof of address is also required. If you are not a UK resident, then only a valid passport with a proof of address can be accepted.

A small test ride will be conducted with the customer in order to ascertain the ability and confidence of the rider.

We will provide each customer with a helmet, a bicycle lock, a puncture repair kit and a charger.

A late drop off will result in an additional charge of £10 per hour until the bike is returned.

Please note, we are not responsible for the recovery of the bicycle in the event of an unplanned event which is outside of our control, namely:

Rider capability – the rider is not capable of riding a bicycle effectively

Ride schedule – the rider is not meeting their schedule and needs to abort the trip and not return the bike to base

Battery discharge – route planning and preparedness leaving the rider without electrical power

Puncture – an everyday eventuality associated with bicycle riding which the renter will have been equipped to repair. A puncture repair kit will be provided.

Fatigue - the rider is not in condition to ride a bicycle effectively

Accident - where an accident prevents further travel

If the bike fails because of technical malfunction, we will arrange for repair or repatriation of the bike and associated rider. If required, we can assist with repatriation at the hirers cost.

Insurance cover for personal liability in case of any damage to the bike, the minimum excess payable is £50.